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dermatologue bruxelles

Dermatology, Lasers & cosmetic surgery : 30 years of experience


Dermato Cosmetics and Lasers Brussels is a care centre dedicated to the treatment of skin, hair and nail diseases. With 30 years of experience in the field of dermatology, our centre is able to detect and treat all skin diseases with competence. Our dermatologist, Dr. Bernard, provides you with professional care: general dermatology, aesthetic dermatology, dermatological surgery.

  A leading dermatologist in Brussels, at the cutting edge of technology

Dermato Cosmetics and Lasers Brussels offers various sessions available made with state-of-the-art equipment:

Make an appointment with your dermatologist 

The Dermato Cosmetics and Lasers Brussels health centre is close to its patients and has two locations. The first establishment is located in the European quarter while the second is located in the Basilica quarter. The objective of the centre? Provide affordable access to dermatology by ensuring reasonable appointment management and affordable rates for each patient. Consultations can be conducted in both French and English. If you would like further information about the care centre, a form is available

Dermatological lasers

  • Laser hair removal: laser hair removal ALEXANDRITE-YAG climax = efficiency - hygiene - safety - black skin without any risk

  • LASER KTP: redness of the face

  • YAG LASER veins of the lower limbs

  • LASER fractionated ablative § NON ablative: correction scar

  • LASER YAG QS: tattoo removal & brown spots

  • Continuous CO2 LASER: warts treatments in a single session 

Ultherapy / HIFU

  • ULTHERAPY / HIFU allowing to a certain extent and in well-chosen patients to create a real NON-surgical facelift without pain or complications 

Loss of face volume


  • two products can be used to fill the gaps that appear over time in the facial features

  • or to beautify people who are born with a perfectible facial harmony (receding chin, absence of cheekbone, etc.) 

  • in some cases it may be useful to inject your own fat: it is not necessary to collect much and the procedure is quite harmless performed by a very small liposuction with a syringe 

Tensor wires

  • RESORBLE yarns can be used to perform facelifts without surgery with surprising results


Maintenance treatments  

  • LED, peelings, mesotherapy, skin boosters, fractional lasers NON ablative, PRP

Body care


  • Cryo-lipolysis: slimming fat swell by the cold

  • LIPOSONIX: decrease in waist circumference with HIFU dedicated to the body ( 8 and 13 mm)


  • emove BROWN STAINS on hands and forearms by laser and peeling  

  • REPULP the emaciated hands by injecting fillers 

  • LASER YAG QS : brown spots

Neck and low-cut

  • Brown spots, smoothing


  • PRP - LED lamps - vitamins for injections, mesotherapy  

  • FUE / FUT hair grafts

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