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Cosmetic surgery Brussels : in the hands of a beauty expert

Cosmetic surgery Brussels

If you want to do a first cosmetic surgery or fix a failed treatment, you can join dermato Cosmetic & Lasers Brussels. With several years of specialization in skin care, our dermatologists will give their best to realize the look of your dreams. Dr Bernard’s large experience in the dermatology field let him treat all sorts of complicated cases. Through many years of surgery intervention, he got this “plus” that no medical school can deliver. Empathic, Dr Bernard and his team explains in detail the treatment process. In addition, various equipment and technologies are used during interventions to ensure the greatest comfort for patients.

Cosmetic surgery : Complete skin treatment 

In case of a face surgery, our praticians use tensor wires or hyaluronic acid and specific products depending on the case to be treated (anti-aging, lifting, remodelling of the facies, etc.). As far as lifts are concerned, you can also request the use of the HIFU method. Again in this case, it depend if your surgeon agrees. About body care, the medical staff uses technics such as cryo-lipolysis, Liposonix. The goal is to reduce fat in some parts of the body. To remove disgraceful tasks from the hands such as brown spots, our medical staff recommends the use of lasers and in some cases plumping: the injection of fillers.



Booking an appointment in the care center


Whether you are a resident in Brussels or an expatriate, the Cosmetic & Lasers Brussels dermatology center can receive you every day until 6 pm. In the capital of Belgium, the center care has two establishments where our specialists can receive you. One is in the Basilica district and the other in the European quarter. To make an appointment or any other information request, you can call 0470 02 02 02 or fill out the contact form available on the site. We will receive you in both English and French, depending on the language that makes you the most at ease.

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